HERE'S an incredible photo of the allies preparing for D-Day.

This image shows Father (Major) Edward J Waters, a US Army Catholic chaplain, conducting a service on the quayside at Weymouth for army and navy personnel about to take part in the invasion of Europe, June 1944.

Troops from Weymouth were destined for Omaha assault area.

This photo is copyright of the US government and was taken by a US war photographer.

On June 6 2019 the 75th anniversary of D-Day will be marked across the country.

A chartered ship which will carry former Allied soldiers across the Channel for the remembrance event in June.

The ship will cross the Channel in time for commemorations in Normandy on June 6.

Seventy five years earlier, more than 150,000 British, American and Canadian forces landed on beaches along the fortified coast.

The huge-scale invasion ultimately led to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi occupation.

*Thanks to the 'Over 60 and from Weymouth and Portland' Facebook group for sharing this photo.