THANKS to Weymouth Museum for this fascinating photo of Greenhill Gardens, which was taken around 1910.

We've also got a bit of history about the gardens, thanks to experts at the museum, who have given us some information on the man behind them - MP Sir Frederick Johnstone.

Sir Frederick had the gardens laid out in 1872, before they were given to the town as a Coronation gift in 1902.

'Freddy' was educated at Eton and Oxford and was a close friend of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII). He was a playboy and racehorse owner and involved in a number of scandals.

Local councillor Thomas Wallis challenged his ownership of the gardens in 1884 but was sued and bankrupted by Sir Frederick and ended his life in one of Sir Henry Edwards’ almshouses.

Freddy was also named as co-respondent (along with Edward VII) in the divorce of Sir Charles Mordaunt. Harriet Mordaunt claimed to have had relationships with Freddy, Edward VII and others. All the men involved denied the allegations and, after a seven day trial, Harriet was found to be insane and committed to mental asylums for the remaining 36 years of her life.