HERE'S a group of builders pausing for a photo between their hard work on buildings in Clarendon Avenue, Redlands, Weymouth, in the 1960s.

This image gives us some insight to how much the building industry has changed over the years. None of the workers have hard hats, steel toe caps or gloves!

It is believed that this is a picture of Coleman's builders staff. Mr Coleman is thought to be in the middle of the middle row and his son John Coleman is sixth along at the front.

Some names suggested for this line-up are Fred Amey - third from the camera in the middle row; Reg Brown - fifth from the right in the middle row. In the front row, it's thought we might have Biffer Smith, Jackie Masters, George Huchings and Mickey Butler.

Thanks to Facebook group Over 60 and Live in Weymouth and Portland for sharing this interesting picture.