HERE'S an interesting one from eagle-eyed Anthony Slade.

He spotted this 'Pale Ale Brewery' engraving in High East Street in Dorchester.

Anthony said: "I've walked up and down High East Street hundreds of times when visiting but have never noticed the Pale Ale Brewery over this entry before. Does anyone know the history?"

Thanks to members of the You're Over 30 and from Dorchester Facebook group, we've managed to discover a bit more information.

The 'pale ale brewery' in High East Street, Dorchester, was a brewery in the 19th century. It was established around 1790 as the pale ale brewery and was independent of the Three Mariners pub, which was in the building on the right.

By the 1830s/40s John Standish was listed as brewer at the Three Mariners, it's understand he had the Pale Ale Brewery. It was acquired by Eldridge, Mason & co in 1854 and was used together with the Green Dragon brewery. It was small but helped to increase beer production especially in the 1870s. It closed around 1881 once the new Eldridge Pope brewery was built.

It may have been the British Legion club in the late 1980s, moving to a new location in the mid 90s. Apparently there was also a nightclub there called The Mariners.

Keen Thomas Hardy readers will recognise the Three Mariners pub name from The Mayor of Casterbridge.