WE love it here at Looking Back when a mystery is solved.

Last week we were asking

about the full name of a vessel in Weymouth Harbour.

Reader Ian Moignard of Jersey wanted to know what the second name of a ship named Jolly, which was photographed in the harbour in an unknown year.

Thanks to Looking Back regular Geoff Pritchard we can now shed some light on this.

Geoff tells is that the photo dates from 1929 and the vessel is the Jolly Hugh.

We even know what Jolly Hugh was carrying!

Geoff writes: "The photo in the Echo dates from 1929 and shows the Walford Lines vessel Jolly Hugh with a cargo of French broccoli. "There was a busy broccoli traffic pre Second World War which often used independent cargo steamers. "In the background in the Cove is one of the Channel Islands passenger steamers, either St Julien or St Helier. "It would be nice to see that amount of traffic in the harbour today!"

Thanks to Geoff for helping Ian with this query.