FORMER Portland resident Trefor Morgan has got in touch about the photos we recently published depicting a group of men hauling ashore a net full of fish on Chesil Cove.

Trefor was one of the boys pictured in the images dating from 1960, taken when he was just 10 years old.

"We'd help haul the net in and then pack the mackerel into boxes and baskets," Trefor, who now lives in Weymouth, recalls. "Then we'd carry it over Chesil Beach and load it into a fish merchant's lorry."

The boys would be paid a sixpence for helping the fisherman, and were allowed to take home a box of fish.

"I'd go around the houses on my go-kart and sell the mackerel to the people that lived there," Trefor adds. "I think that was the start of my entrepreneurial spirit!"

It wasn't a one-off, and fishermen often asked local boys to help them on the job.

Trefor also worked as a Saturday boy at the Cove House Inn on Portland, sweeping the floors to earn another sixpence. He lived at 86 Chiswell, a grade-II listed building dating from the mid-19th century.

"It was an idyllic childhood," Trefor says.

Trefor is now a councillor for Weymouth Town Council. He is married to fellow councillor, Gill Taylor. Thank you Trefor for getting in touch and sharing these wonderful memories of your childhood on Portland.