IT'S not often we uncover obscure knowledge but our pleas were answered twice when we published this photo taken by late Echo photographer Harry Green of a man on an extraordinary cycle!

Thanks to Barry Mould of Weymouth for getting in touch and letting us know that he believes it's Cyril Corbin on the bike.

But thanks also to our website commenter 'nowlonggone' who thinks it's William Samways in the picture.

Cyril Corbin used to be good friends with Barry Mould's parents and worked at Samways Cycles in Crescent Street, Weymouth.

Outside of work Cyril was a church warden at St John's Church, Greenhill, Weymouth.

Barry thinks that Cyril may have been in his 50s when the photo was taken.

As for the rather different cycle, Barry has no knowledge of it so any further information on Cyril or the cycle will be much appreciated!

'Nowlonggone' , who named the mystery cyclist as William Samways, wrote: "He was the proprietor of both the bicycle shop and the pram shop also in the photo.

"If the picture is contemporary with other Harry Green pictures then this was probably the occasion of his retirement when the cycle shop was taken over by Mr Cribb. Although I believe he retained an interest in the pram shop.

"Harry Green no doubt intended to show Mr Samways riding 'away' from the shop with an item from his collection.

"Mr Cribb in turn used to turn up at various events with odd machines, including a penny farthing or a plastic bike."

Thanks to both our readers for these suggestions.