ANOTHER twist in the tale of our look at the life of Samways cycle shop owner Rowland Corbin.

After hearing from the 85-year-old niece of Mr Corbin and working out who he was from an old Dorset Evening Echo photo, we have since heard from Mr Roy Morton of Weymouth who wanted to let us know that he thought Nr Corbin was a lay preacher who used to ride his bike out to Coryates.

Mr Morton knew Gordon Cribb, who was employed by Mr Corbin and worked at Samways and whose father was head gardener at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens.

He said: "In the war we used to go out to Coryates to sleep because it was hard sleeping in the bomb shelter, so we'd try and get out into the countryside. We would always see Rowland Corbin, who would cycle out in the wind and rain."