25 years ago, on January 14, 1995, more than one hundred people joined a torchlight procession to protest at Brown Route plans for Weymouth’s new relief road.

The Echo reported how The Littlemoor Against the Brown Route group and other protestors lit up the Lorton Valley, which is at the heart of the relief route.

Group member Mr Tony Brown was quoted saying: "It was quite spectacular because those standing on Dorchester Road could see the valley lit up like an airport runway. We had torches burning from the Horselynch Plantation down to the valley to show what car headlights would look like, and we actually had a pair of headlights in operation going between the torches to show the effect of cars on the move."

Mr Brown added: "It was extremely effective and showed what destruction is going to be caused to an area of outstanding natural beauty because you could see the woods, the hills and the surrounding countryside in the glare. Our next target will be Tuesday’s county Transportation Committee in Dorchester at which we will be protesting with a petition, a letter and placards."