Following our piece on the snow of '62, Esmee Nicholls got in touch to tell the story of her wedding, which took place during the freezing conditions that winter.

The ceremony took place on December 29, 1962, at St Joseph's Church on Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth.

Esmee had met Roger Nicholls in Germany two years earlier; Roger was a senior aircraftman in the Royal Air Force and Esmee was a senior air traffic woman in the WRAF.

The snow, which lasted until March 1963, prevented several guests travelling to Weymouth from London, Winchester and Eastbourne. Those who did brave the journey were stopped from leaving the town until the following Wednesday, after police officers entered the wedding reception at the Pier Bandstand to announce that the surrounding roads were too dangerous to pass.

Esmee recalls: "The weather was so cold that the taxi driver who took me to the venue refused to leave the car and help me out. My husband-to-be had to clear the snow from the steps of the church, but I still fell down on the other side of the entrance!"

Despite the icy conditions, the newlyweds - who still live in Weymouth - managed to travel to Amsterdam for their honeymoon.

With thanks to Esmee for sharing this wonderful story. If you have any memories or photographs you'd like to share, please get in touch.