AN ILLUMINATING look at how residents coped with the flooding in 1955 sparked a lot of reaction.

In some ways comparisons can be drawn with this current time of adversity as we face the coronavirus crisis.

It was a pleasure to hear from Looking Back regular Alan Wolsey who was born at 7 Clifton Place, Weymouth, which was one of the flooded streets.

Mr Wolsey said: "I recognised some of the people who were standing in the floodwater in the picture. One of them was Mrs Brown.

"I recognised Mrs Cocking who was making a cup of tea, she lived next door.

"Reed newsagents was also in Clifton Place and I remember going to buy gobstoppers there when granny would give me some pocket money."

We also showed an image of some donkeys rescued from Weymouth floodwater. It has been suggested that these donkeys belonged to Mr Downton. One online commenter 'firelighter' thought it looked like the old Weymouth Fire Station in the background and the donkeys must have been taken to the gasworks end of the old rec ground.

Another remark was made about the 'happy smiling faces' in al the photos showing people getting on with things. Another reader thought part of the reason for this could have been 'the war mentality running high at the time'.

Robert Court said he remembers the clean-up operation after the flooding well.

"I wasn't even allowed to get wet feet. We did get neighbourly supplied Camp coffee (er, well chicory) and sandwiches to keep us brats quiet. Nobody thought of any Ends of the Worlds or similar scaremongery. For many it was good fun and a chance to do and see something different, and that included the adults."

And also not forgetting our hero of the hour, Mrs Cockings, who waded through floodwater in order to make tea. One reader thought that she may have later moved to Wyke Regis - much higher ground and presumably not troubled by flooding again!

Thanks to you all for your contributions.