WE seem to have missed out on snowfall this winter.

However, we were interested to see photos from Margaret Wellspring of Crossways showing the immense snowfall of the winter of 1962 and 1963, previously featured in Looking Back.

Mrs Wellspring recalls: "I remember the winter of 1962/63 very well, and by then I was old enough to have my own camera to record that terrible winter.

"We lived at East Farm in Osmington village and is along the main road. The village was cut off from Weymouth by the snow on Osmington Hill, and isolated from the rest of the county by the sheer volume of snow.

"As our family were dairy farmers, as were all the other farms in the village, our priority was to our cows and getting the milk to the milk factory.

"I remember my father, Bert Osborne, every day having to take the milk churns by tractor and trailer to Warmwell Cross, now the roundabout, so that the milk lorry could pick it up from there, and take to the Express Dairies at Milborne St Andrew, from there the milk went to London.

"This was a difficult journey but worthwhile. In all the time we were snowed up, we never had to pour any milk down the drain – a farmer’s worst nightmare. Although it was tough going, we youngest made the most of the snow, the like of which we had never seen before. "