Thanks to Kevin Thorne for getting in touch after spotting his father and auntie in a photo showing residents of Shirecroft Road in Weymouth celebrating VE Day with a street party.

Kevin writes: "My father Ken Thorne is standing ninth from the front on the left, he would have been 16 at the time, his sister Maureen is standing seventh from the front on the left hand side, sadly both have passed away, but what a wonderful picture."

Kevin doesn't know much about his dad's VE Day experience but has shared a bit of history about his family.

He writes: "Dad and his sister Maureen lived at number 40 Shirecroft Road with my nan and grandad, who both lived there until they passed away.

"My father, known locally as Budgie, had five children and we lived in Shirecroft Road as well at number 1.

"Maureen married Joe Stone and had two children. My paternal grandfather featured in looking back a couple of years ago, he was Sidney Dunmore, who one of the statues on the Mulberry Harbours is named after.

"I didn’t know of his deeds until I read of them in the Echo. Many of the family went to the unveiling and from that many of the cousins now regularly stay in contact.

"Sadly, my Uncle Barry who gave the information, passed away recently at the age of 90."