After sharing an old photo by Echo photographer Harry Green showing children riding donkeys on Weymouth beach it has brought back a few memories.

Here's one of our all time favourite visitors to Weymouth beach, the Queen, meeting one of the donkeys on a glorious June day in 2009.

We asked for some of your donkey memories and received the following from Stephen Cowley.

He writes: "I first came to Weymouth as a two and half year old in June 1967. I had my photo taken walking along Weymouth sea front in my prized cowboy hat on and still have the photos."

Captivated by the seaside town, Stephen's family made the decision to move to Weymouth at the end of 1967.

He tells us: "I went on the donkeys all the time and was rather obsessed by them as I remember. I got to know Mr Edmonds and his Punch and Judy shows. I was definitely obsessed by that and lived in Weymouth (Wyke Regis) until I was forced to leave due to family circumstances at the end of 1975 after eight wonderful years there. I still come back to Weymouth and Wyke whenever I can. I'm now 55 years young."