After remembering the Steering Wheel night club in Dorchester in last week's Looking Back we were delighted to hear from Tony Lyall.

Tony had been involved with the building at 37/38 High West Street since the early 1960s when it it became the Maenbury Theater club - a restaurant with cabaret acts - and was run by a consortium led by Mr Albrow.

Sam Fowler, who had the Steering Wheel in Weymouth, opened another branch up in Dorchester in the building.

Tony said: "Sam had a knack of finding bands before they were made a household name. I remember bands like Vinegar Joe, who had Elkie Brooks & Robert Palmer also One in a Million, who were better known as Thunderclap Newman, also many well known outfits like Foundations, Marmalade, Fortunes, Geno Washington, Zoot Money, Ace, and the list goes on.

"Sam and myself bought the Auster spotter plane from the scrap yard on the way to Blandford. "It was only made of wood and canvas so was taken apart and carefully hung above the dance floor.

"It just fitted in with about a foot to spare from wing tip to wing tip. I think Sam paid £100 for it.

"In the beginning it had a 4am licence for the casino but had to close when the government brought in the gaming act."