We take up the story of nightlife in Dorchester once again.

In the late 1970s the Steering Wheel in High West Street changed its name to the Tavern but sadly it burnt down in 1979 and was completely destroyed.

Tony Lyall, who had been DJing since the 1960s, was given the club on a lease and reopened it as The Buzz in 1980.

He tells us: "It took off and was way ahead of its time with a stunning light and sound system and attracted all the well known DJs and acts like Steve Wright, Kid Jensen,and all the Radio One DJs.

"Top of the Pops based its lighting on the clubs set up as we were one of the first to have neon in a modern club setting.

"It also attracted acts like Edwin Starr and many more like Mac & Katie Kazoo, Hot Chocolate, Arthur Brown and Ian Dury. The Buzz was the social life of Dorchester and surrounding areas in the 80s and I still meet hundreds of people who met and got married from meeting there.

"I decided to sell it in 1989 as I could see the late night scene changing and sold it to Graham French who ran it under various names. I returned to DJing and still perform today as Tony James."

The Buzz was the first club in the UK to ban smoking on the first floor and also the first to have photo ID cards for proof of age.

*We also heard from reader Sheila Kitrick, formerly of Dorchester, now of West Wales, who is writing a piece about her experiences of the 1970s.

She is searching for information about a nightclub called The Town House in South Street, Dorchester, which opened around 1971.

Sheila writes: "It enjoyed considerable success and ran a weekly strip show on a Thursday night featuring very glamorous female strippers who were bused down from London.

"My best friend at that time managed the bar for the Yorkshire couple who owned the club and from 7.30pm to 4am on Thursday nights the club was packed."

If anyone can help Sheila with information on or pictures of The Town House, email me using the Contact Me details and I'll pass it on to her.