It was a pleasure to share some images of the late Dame Vera Lynn performing in Dorchester in last week's Looking Back.

As a result we've heard from Margaret Wellspring of Crossways who discovered a family box of photos containing images of Dame Vera's visit to Came Park, Dorchester, for the Falklands Task Force Day on Monday, August 16, 1982.

Margaret said: "I was one of the 5,000 or so in the crowd, along with my husband to-be-Michael, and the rest of my immediate family including mother and father, my sisters and nieces and nephews.

"I remember it was a very blustery day, and what a thrill it was to see Dame Vera arriving in the Chinook helicopter. She was driven around the park by, I believe, Weymouth businessman Tony Biles in a Rolls-Royce.

"The crowd went wild when Dame Vera took to the stage and sang all the songs they wanted to hear, ending with a rousing Land of Hope and Glory.

"After her performance she was whisked away in the helicopter and she waved to the crowd from the open door as the Chinook as it circled the park. And then she was gone, but everyone was left with a feeling of warmth and happiness.It was a brilliant day; one I will never forget and a wonderful tribute to our Task Force heroes."

The Dorset Evening Echo report of the day said landlords set aside 1,000 free pints for servicemen who had taken part in the Falklands campaign and their families.

It also said that 'star attraction' Vera Lynn was celebrating her 41st wedding anniversary on the same day. She had flown to Dorchester by Chinook helicopter from her Sussex home, sang for the crowd and flew back in time to join in a Burma Day event at Burgess Hill.

The report said: "Backed by the Durnovaria Band, Dame Vera sang a new song she has just recorded to help the South Atlantic Fund - I Love This Land. She sang an old one almost everyone knew, We'll Meet Again; and she rounded off her performance with Land of Hope and Glory.

"She signed autographs, the Rolls Royce which took her to the helicopter was mobbed and she found time to swap Burma Burma Star badges with Dorchester's Town Crier, Bob Walker."

Thanks to Margaret for sharing her memories and photographs.