Today we honour the memory of a special youngster who never reached adulthood after dying at the young age of 12.

Robin Crump of Weymouth was swept away in floodwater on July 19, 1955, just over 65 years ago to this day in the Weymouth floods of July 18, 1955.

Keen scout Robin was born on January 17, 1943 and, the day after the flood, helped out at St Laurence's Church in Upwey clearing up the devastation caused by the floodwater.

He then helped out at houses nearby and later went off on his cycle to see the floodwater in the surrounding areas. At Watery Lane Robin fell into deep water and got swept away.

Robin's older brother Harold was working as a fitter at Swindon Railway and travelled back the following day after receiving a telephone call from his father, Fred, telling him that Robin had been lost in the floodwater. Harold went to the area where the police were searching for Robin and witnessed the recovery of Robin's body.

Harold made himself known to the police and was asked to formally identify Robin's body.

Robin was buried at St Laurence's Church and is remembered each year in the church service on the anniversary of the flood.

Robin was a member of the Fox Patrol, 1st Upwey Scout Group and lived at 50 Jesty's Avenue with his mother and father May and Fred Crump.

On these pages we include a photo of Robin's late brother Harold, which was taken in 2017, holding a picture of his much-missed younger sibling, ahead of going to place it on the altar during the memorial service.

Harold went on to become a popular entertainer over 50 years in Weymouth and was known as 'Mr Music Hall'. He died in Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester aged 86 on January 31, 2018.

Here, we share poignant extracts from Robin's diary, documenting his exploits as a keen scout and his love of seeing snow in Weymouth.

Thanks to Brian Crump, who is Robin's nephew and Harold's son, we've reproduced some extracts taken from Robin's school books and diary, showing just how much of a passion for life the youngster had and reminding us all of the tragic loss of a young life caused by the devastating floods of 1955.

School Timetable

Robin’s school timetable shows maths as the first lesson every day followed by music on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Wednesday’s second lesson was current affairs.

After the second lesson there was a break before studies resumed with a double lesson of art on Mondays; Scripture followed by Maths on Tuesdays and PT Games on Wednesdays.

The fifth lesson each day was English. The dinner break was between lessons 3 and 4.

Scouts Motto

1) A scout's honour is to be trusted.

2) A Scout is loyal to his Queen, his country, his parents, patrol leader and to those under him.

1955 Diary Extracts

Saturday 1st January: Went to scout party. Had a good time.

Monday 3rd January: Stayed in because it was snowing.

Wednesday 5th January: Went down Fred's in morning. Stayed in. Had a telegram from Harold.

Thursday 6th January .......Went up station in afternoon on bike.

Friday 7th January: Went to scouts in evening. First meeting of the year.

Saturday 2nd April: Went out collecting. Dad's birthday age 55.

Tuesday 5th April: Went to school. Last day of term. Break up for three weeks.

Friday 8th April: Went on scout hike.

Saturday 9th April: Went out bob-a-jobbing.

Friday 1st July: Go to the Isle of Wight.