We've discussed some of the many photographers who have plied their trade in Weymouth on these pages but we are yet to discuss Bob Barrett.

His son Gordon, of Preston, Weymouth, got in touch to tell us a bit about his father's life as a local photographer and sent us this photo of his dad.

Born in Parkstone in 1908, Robert Barrett started work in September 1924 at the Royal Cordite Factory in Holton Heath. He was fortunate to have left in 1930 because a year later, in 1931, a terrible explosion at the factory killed 10 people.

Bob moved to Weymouth in August 1930 to take up a career in photography and soon started work for WH Cumming.

Gordon tells us: "I know that my father took many photos of Royal visits to Weymouth including 1939 and 1949, which are included in our local history books but I am particularly interested in July 13 1933 when the Prince of Wales (future Edward VIII) opened the new Weymouth Pier and Harbour Works and my dad went up in a bucket to take photos. I cannot find any pictures in the many books of Weymouth that I have."

After WH Cumming retired in 1949 Bob stayed on working for Guy Wollatt, then in 1953 he moved to Graham Herbert where for some years he covered all aspects of photography, weddings, local events, Weymouth floods etc, but ill health forced him to do studio work taking portraits for which he was awarded membership of the Association of British Photography in 1948.

Bob was also a dedicated member of Bank Buildings Church from 1932. He was appointed Superintendent Putton Sunday School in 1935 and after the Second World War, Superintendent and Deacon of Bank Buildings Church until his death in 1966.