You may have noticed that the Dorset Echo has expanded its nostalgia coverage and on other days of the week besides Tuesdays we are featuring some fascinating pictures from the past.

We've recently taken a look at pubs from the past in Weymouth, some still existing and some no more, and this one, a forgotten pub, interested reader Richard Sartin.

When you walk down Weymouth harbourside and see the Ivy Coffee House in Cove Row, you can't miss the large lettering on the wall that tells you it was once a pub - the New Rooms Inn.

Believe it or not, this pub, Richard tells us, didn't have beer pumps!

He elaborated: "The New Rooms Inn did not have beer pumps but small kegs were lifted and placed on a rack beyond the bar and beer drawn off directly into the glass. One day I found a hop floating in my glass. Sadly, that wouldn't happen today."

The New Rooms Inn was present by 1861 when the publican was William Hart. It's a grade-II listed building. Of course still existing today is the similarly named Old Rooms Inn just opposite!

Thanks to Richard for the insight.