Our nostalgic look at pubs has proved really popular with readers.

We have even heard from the subject of one of the photographs!

Roger Collins is in this photo of the Sailors Return pub with his partner Patricia Apse and their friend Ken Leicester.

Roger and Patricia were landlord and landlady of the Weymouth harbourside pub around 20 years ago and ran the pub for about five years.

Roger says:"At the time we had another pub in Leicestershire and we came to Weymouth because I was quite heavily into fishing.

"We have really happy memories of our time at the Sailors Return. We built the trade up and we made some lifelong friends there who we still see now.

"I remember the photo being taken and being interviewed by the harbour about some change that was happening in pubs.

"Our pub was really popular with anglers and divers and we would run a B&B at the pub and start doing breakfasts at 6am.

"It was very long hours and very hard work!"

After also running businesses in Leicestershire and north Norfolk and returning to Dorset in their motor home to visit family in Swanage and Broadmayne, Roger and Patricia decided to retire to the area and now live on Portland.