Here's some memories of Weymouth’s shopping past.

We’re sharing an advert for the rather grand and huge V.H. Bennett, which was a ladies, gents and children’s outfitters with drapery departments, which was at 89 and 90 St Mary Street and 17,18, 19 and 20 St Thomas Street and Bond Street.

Dorset Echo:

V.H. Bennet went on to become Debenhams.

We’re also recalling Lovell’s Creamery in 16 St Mary Street.

Sue Hogben, who kindly shared these old adverts, has very fond memories of visiting Lovell’s.

She recalls: “They used to have earthenware bowls in the window with thick cream which my mum used to buy. They’d break the yellow crust to scoop out the cream below. Most of these adverts come from pre 1960s guides if I remember rightly.”

Dorset Echo:

Reader Graham Ryan remembers Lovell’s. He said: “I grew up in Governors Lane and Lovell’s creamery shop, which is where I used to pick up my wages at the end of the week.”

We also have a picture of an advert for Tilley & Son, a motor and cycle engineers on the Esplanade.

Dorset Echo: