We have more pub memories to share - this time of The New Bridge Hotel in Weymouth. Sandi Snelling was born in Weymouth in 1948 and lived with her grandparents in the pub.

She tells us: "They ran the pub for many years and I loved living there. I used to watch the train running on the tracks in Commercial Road with the men walking in front.

"I had a great view from the top floor window facing the bridge!

"In Summer a fair used to park up on the far side of the Swannery with various rides, also a little steam engine used to chug back and forth with little children enjoying an exciting ride!

"A man used to dive from a high platform into a small round pool at certain times of the day!

"Swans used to nest on the bank which is now built on and men in rowing boats used to row on the lake and tip grass cuttings into the water for the swans to feast on.

"During holidays with grandma and when we returned back to live in Weymouth, my sister and I used to help grandma in the saloon bar getting the room ready and serving tea to the local WI ladies.

"I have so many lovely memories."