This is the funfair ride in Weymouth that used to terrify many of you!

The Wild Mouse ride was part of Chipperfields Fun Fair at Westham Bridge in Weymouth.

Danny Kelly had a job that not everyone would envy - he used to be sent up on the Wild Mouse first thing in the morning to test it and make sure the brakes were working!

He said: "It was a bit hairy in the wet weather but when you're 15 it was a free ride!"

Dorset Echo:

The Wild Mouse Ride Picture: Courtesy of Ali Reeve

Jane Warr said that when she rode the Wild Mouse she 'always came off covered in bruises'.

Julie Thomas also remembers the Cyclone and the Ghost Train. She said: "If I couldn't find a friend I would take my poor younger sister with me."

Dorset Echo:

Chipperfields Fun Fair at Westham Bridge

The very unique Wild Mouse ride used to 'clank and rattle away', Sue Hogben remembers. It was sited near the chain link fence where the old sidings once stood.

And there was a certain element of danger to riding the Wild Mouse, Lynda-Marie Walden remembers. She said: "My friend Jan and I went on it. It always felt as if you would be catapulted into Radipole Lake'.

Kim Slade said: "Wild Mouse is what stopped me from going on any other rollercoasters'.

Pupils at the nearby Weymouth Grammar School in Alma Road also remember hearing the noise from the fair ground while they were trying to do their exams in the gym!

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