These photos of 1980s Dorchester show department store Dingles of Dorchester.

It was known as the town's answer to Grace Brothers and was previously House of Fraser and Genges.

The photos were taken for reader Carole Dorran's wedding in 1987 and show the department store so clearly, we thought it was worth featuring and asking for your memories of the shop.

Dorset Echo:

It was on the corner of Trinity Street and High West Street.

E Dingle & Co was a department store chain with its flagship store in Plymouth, England. It is now part of the House of Fraser group.

Dorset Echo:

Another of the photos shows the high street very clearly with Bateman's opticians and a pharmacy just along from Judge Jeffreys' lodgings.

Dorset Echo:

What are your memories of shopping in Dingles in Dorchester

"Share your memories and photos of Dingles department store in Dorchester here..."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Community contributor

I don’t have photos but remember when the store was called Genges. Would love to see photos of Dorchester in the 60’s when I worked in Kay’s the hairdresser and also Parsons in Cornhill.