These fascinating old pictures show the county town from above in the 1920s and 1960s - see what you recognise in these stunning aerial views of Dorchester!

Scroll down to see if you recognise any of the town's buildings and can spot the old cars.

Dorset Echo:

An aerial view of Dorchester in 1925

This was taken from above the High Street. Close to the middle of the picture you can see the Corn Exchange and its distinctive folly. There’s just one car on the road and a handful of pedestrians. There’s also an advert for what appears to be a firm called Godwins on the side of one of the buildings.

Dorset Echo:

Another view of Dorchester from above in 1925

This time the view shows the Eldridge Pope Brewery. This site has changed massively with the new Brewery Square development and the introduction of shops, restaurants and a cinema at the site, which used to be occupied by what looks like storage warehouses. Also of interest are the neat looking trees lining Weymouth Avenue. There are houses where there used to be shops and a medical centre in the road.

And now scroll down to see aerial photos of Dorchester in the 1960s.

Dorset Echo:

View of Dorchester in 1961

The two roads running parallel to each other are Trinity Street on the left and South Street to the right before it was pedestrianised. You can see a tennis court in the Borough Gardens to the bottom left of the photo and the Plaza cinema building in Trinity Street.

Dorset Echo:

Another aerial view of Dorchester in 1961

This photo showing the distinctive looking Roman Catholic Church (now the Tutankhamen exhibition) in the high street towards Top O’Town. There’s also a very good view of the Borough Gardens at the top of the picture and a decent view of the Plaza’s art deco building in the middle of the photo.