It's been more than five years since Condor Ferries left Weymouth for good.

With trips to the Channels Islands a thing of the past for the resort, we thought it was time to remember an amusing moment from the days of ferry travel in the town.

Twenty years ago, back in November 2000, two famous faces from TV became stewardesses for the day.

Charlie Dimmock, of Ground Force fame and Anna Ryder-Richardson, of Changing Rooms, swapped their trowels and paint pots for trolleys and tea pots aboard the catamaran on a round-trip from Weymouth to the Channel Islands.

The pair took part in the role reversal for the BBC TV series Girls on Top.

During the day the pair helped serve coffee in the Club Lounge, assisted with the trolley service, loaded cars, guided passengers and visited the ship's master Captain Simon Chadwick on the bridge.

Nick Dobbs of Condor Ferries said: "Although we pledged not to give advance details of the content of the programme, I can say that the temporary recruits performed well on a glorious round-trip crossing between Weymouth and the Channel Islands.

"Some passengers were only alerted to the unusual crew members by the presence of film cameras, while others immediately recognised the familiar faces from their appearances on programmes such as Ground Force and Changing Rooms.

"We were delighted to be approached by Bazal Productions to help make this programme for the BBC.

"It gives us the opportunity to show the high-level of training required to look after our passengers and also, indirectly, promote the route to a potentially huge audience."