If you look closer at this old picture of a Weymouth street it appears to show some sort of ghostly apparition.

It might look like an ordinary street scene - a tree-lined residential road of beautiful townhouses, but there's something more sinister to it.

To the left of this image of Westbourne Road, just off Dorchester Road in Weymouth, hidden in the trees, is a man in a tuxedo.

How he got there and who he is, no-one knows.

But reader Sue Hogben remembers Westbourne Road from her childhood when it was an unmade road - and a house she believed to be haunted.

She said: "This was my childhood playground - building dens, climbing trees, the weird towered house on the corner that we swore was haunted. The hours spent there were magical childhood days."

Some have wondered whether the ghostly man in evening wear might have been something to do with Weymouth's Cavalry Barracks which were built in 1798 with additions in 1800 and 1804.

Westbourne Road marks the southern boundary of the Cavalry barracks, with Alexandra Road marking the western and northern boundaries and Dorchester Road on the western side.

We also know there used to be a nursery in Westbourne Road between the two houses which was run by a man believed to be called Tommie Cornick.

Below, you can see the street and the same view as it looks today.

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Community contributor

I moved here some 17 years ago from a location close to Edgehill and l knew Naseby quite well, both the scene of bloody battles during the civil war. One morning l was on my way to work and as always on the back road towards Troy Town where l got onto the A35. I saw a person on a horse, l slowed down as usual and only then did l see that the person was a round head, he looked at me for a fleeting moment but seemed to look through me as if he couldn't see me, or that is how it felt,he had somehow strayed into my dimension but was unaware , he was then gone and l had to pull over to try to make sense of it all. A couple of years later l saw a round head peering into one of the windows of the newish cottages where you turn to go to Hardys cottage, he was shielding his eyes and intently looking into the house then he was not there anymore in a split second gone. I had no idea of civil war history here in Dorset, never given it a though but am obviously aware of the battles back home, and the tales that people have heard of cries of the soldiers at Edgehill, with a few reports of clashing, horses and the full roar of battle, l have never experienced any round heads over there and thats odd it has happened here. In my previous house (a modern property) mr Dorchester, we had a small child who appeared at the bottom.of the stairs, she had no defining features other than she was a little girl, no expression nothing, l usedvto leave a doll or old teddy bear out for her but not once did they ever move. I spoke to a lady (who wishes to remain anonymous, who said she knew about the paranormal) upon visiting she declared the child had been a traveller who had died there, her remains were burned on the site of the house. The medium is local to the Blandford area but she never engages with people openly about her gift.