These very old pictures of beautiful Dorset from the 1920s are a real treat.

The collection of photos taken over Weymouth, Abbotsbury, Beaminster, West Bay and Lyme Regis during the 'roaring twenties' show us just how much has changed, even across a rural landscape like south and west Dorset.

The village of Abbotsbury in 1925 looks significant less built up than it is these days and there's a noticeable absence of cars and parked cars on the main village road.

Dominating the picture of the town of Beaminster in 1927 is the old Cow and Gate Milk factory.

The image of West Bay from 1928 shows how sparsely it was developed back then, a time long before the new harbour facelift of the 21st century and before the construction of the new promenade in 1967. Particularly of interest in this photo is the West Bay Pavilion, which was built in 1901 upon The Mound but was demolished in 1942 following destructive gales.

Finally, our picture of Weymouth shows the Ritz theatre standing proudly before it was destroyed by fire. You can spot some elegant sail boats in the bustling harbour and four large vessels.

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