Here's a picture taken in the 1920s of a view you should be familiar with.

Can you guess where it was taken?

It's from an Edwin Seward postcard and it's of Chiswell in Portland.

Well done if you guessed correctly!

Chiswell has changed markedly since this picture was taken in the 1920s.

The large stone cistern in the middle of the road, which was used to store water for domestic use, has long since disappeared.

However, some of the buildings still exist although they have undergone a facelift or two in the intervening years.

Here is what the view looks like today:

Dorset Echo:

The building on the left still stands. The King’s Arms pub is on the right with the front extension. This building remains today - slightly altered - as a private house. The pub sign on the front wall has been retained.

In the empty road you can see a woman pushing a pram.

The old picture comes courtesy of the much-missed Looking Back regular contributor, the late Andy Hutchings.