Can you tell where this picture was taken?

This is a lively street that really prospered back in the day.

You can spot a pub, a baker and a grocer and a few houses. There are also quite a few people in the street.

If you guessed that this picture is Castletown on Portland you did really well!

Castletown prospered as a result of the Royal Navy and by the date of this postcard, 1905, resembled the surroundings of many naval establishments with outfitters and other associated businesses and architecturally impressive public houses.

Here's how this same view looks today:

Dorset Echo:

Although Castletown initially suffered with the closure of the naval base, new businesses - many marine-related - are helping revitalise the area.

There is also a D-Day museum across the road from where this picture was taken honouring Weymouth and Portland's role in the D-Day landings.