John William Stone is known as the original bad boy of Portland.

If ASBOs were around in 1907, it's pretty certain John Stone would have been subject to one.

Going under the alias of Jack Nap, Stone was an unemployed labourer and his hobby was drinking.

He exercised this passion so much that he was labelled a 'habitual drunkard' - an accolade that led to him being banned from all watering holes in 1907.

Stone was 67 when he was convicted of being drunk and disorderly and labelled a habitual drunkard at the Weymouth County Petty Sessions court.

The document entitled 'Portrait and Description of Habitual Drunkard' described him with a 'fresh' complexion, being 5ft 5in, of a medium build and with a grey moustache, eyes and hair. The bridge of his nose was broken and he also had a broken left kneecap, which made him walk 'lame'.

A note with the documents reads: 'NB. Should any known Habitual Drunkard attempt to purchase or obtain any intoxicating liquor at any premises licensed for the sale of intoxicating liquor by retail, or at the premises of any registered club, it is requested that the licensed person or the person refusing to supply the liquor will as soon as practicable, give information or such attempt to the police of the district, in order that the law may be enforced.'