This wonderful colour and black and white postcard collection gives us a proper glimpse of the past.

It's the collection of Marion Snow of Burton Bradstock and was put together by her father Reginald Walter Ruff.

It dates back to 1905 and many of the postcards are written on and people have sent them to him Reg,

The album is a delightful collection of images from all over the UK.

The album contains snapshots of Reg’s life: his infant school at Sutton Waldron (between Blandford and Shaftesbury); his three aunts – Flossie, Jess and Bess – the Merryfield sisters; Londonderry where he was briefly posted during the First World War; and even a Dorsetshire Regiment Card, sent home at Christmas.

One of the most interesting images in this collection is that of convicts proceeding to work on Portland.