Can you guess where this old photo was taken?

We've removed the postcard caption and a giveaway sign for fear of making it too easy!

This place was once the hub of village life and is the place where a road and a lane meets.

Over time many events have taken place here from street parties to celebrate Royal jubilees, to more local events.

There were once two pubs here as well. The store had been there for many years. There was also an Old Forge, where the village blacksmith would shoe the horses from nearby Manor Farm.

So have you guessed where it is yet?

Well done if you guessed it's The Square in Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Here's a picture of it today.

Dorset Echo:

Wyke Regis has retained pockets of old-world charm despite major building over the decades.

The square, in particular, has managed to keep the feel of a small village community.

Pictures: Andy Hutchings Collection/|HG1217