It was devastating this past weekend hearing the news about the death of Gerry Marsden, who died aged 78 on Sunday after a short illness.

The Gerry and the Pacemakers frontman had a special talent that enabled him to write Ferry Cross the Mersey and take You’ll Never Walk Alone to number one, becoming known as 'a Liverpool legend'.

Gerry found fame in the Merseybeat scene in the 1960s and was close friends with John Lennon.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gerry back in 2015 ahead of Gerry and the Pacemakers performing at Weymouth Pavilion. He was a charming and warm interviewee who took me aback with his friendliness, addressing me as 'kid' throughout!

And despite being one of the most famous Liverpudlians around, Gerry performed at Weymouth Pavilion on many occasions and had a special place for Dorset in his heart. He told me: "“I love Weymouth and I love Dorset,” Gerry said.

“I think the crowds are great. They are very happy people. The town is very pretty, I can see why so many people want to come here.”

And the advice Gerry said he would give to his younger self?

“I would say what I say to all the kids who come and talk to me about showbiz.

“Relax and enjoy yourself. Be polite and never be spoilt and get out there and enjoy yourself.”

And it seemed that was how Gerry lived his life, soaking up the sun when he could and enjoying a glass of his favourite Merlot wine with ice in it and doing what he loved best - performing with his band - right up to the end.