This old photograph of Weymouth Esplanade hails back to an age before cars were a feature of everyday life.

Dorset Echo:

Picture from the Andy Hutchings collection

Horse taxis are lined up at a rank and most of the women carry parasols as they walk along the seafront.

The Royal Hotel is still a feature of today's Esplanade, and indeed many of the buildings have remained unchanged over the years.

Dorset Echo:

Weymouth's esplanade is composed of Georgian terraces, which have been converted into apartments, shops, hotels and guest houses. The buildings were constructed in the Georgian and Regency periods between 1770 and 1855, designed by architects such as James Hamilton, and were commissioned by wealthy businessmen.

These terraces form a long, continuous arc of buildings which face Weymouth Bay along the esplanade, which also features the multi-coloured Jubilee Clock, erected in 1887 to mark the 50th year of Queen Victoria's reign, statues of Victoria, George III and Sir Henry Edwards, Member of Parliament for the borough from 1867 to 1885. There are also two war memorials stand along the Esplanade.