Weymouth certainly knew how to push the boat out whenever there was reason to celebrate.

The resort went to town with its celebrations for the coronation of King George V in 1911.

As you can see, an elaborate arch was constructed across the Esplanade next to the Jubilee Clock.

These images were brought to our attention by Weymouth and Portland history buff Sue Hogben, who tells us: "The arch was only a temporary construction.

"In the Victorian era and early Edwardian, when Weymouth decorated they did it big time. There would be greenery galore hung in great festoons."

These pictures were taken before the Esplanade was expanded in the 1920s.

Also in one of the photos on the right you can see the glass candle fairy lights that were strung along the Esplanade. These fairy lights in glass jars were strung between very slender poles.