Many of us have fond memories of Brewers Quay in Weymouth.

The former brewery building was popular with locals and holidaymakers alike for its emporium with dozens of traders selling antiques, collectables and vintage furniture.Dorset Echo:

Opening of Brewers Quay

There was also a pub, which later became a restaurant, a cafe, a Time Walk attraction and a museum there.

Many of you have special memories of Brewers Quay.

Dorset Echo:

When asked what their favourite thing about it was, many of the members of our Facebook group We Grew Up in Weymouth and Portland decided it was the Time Walk attraction, which took visitors on a journey covering the town’s history and maritime connections from the 14th century onwards. It was told by the brewery cat, Miss Paws, and her eight feline ancestors!

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Others had fond memories of the Excise House pub and the shops.

Dorset Echo:

The Excise House pub at Brewer's Quay

Alex Parker said: “I liked the science bit upstairs, the sweet shop and the Christmas decorations. You could get some real bargains in the sale.”

Dorset Echo:

Discovery at Brewers Quay in 2002

Denise Tarrier writes: “It was one of my favourite places to visit in Weymouth. There were a good variety of shops selling quality items.

Dorset Echo:

"A science museum for families and a popular cafe and a popular pub with live music at the weekends.

Dorset Echo:

"All of this under one roof. Why was it closed?? It’s been empty for years.”

A good time at Brewers Quay for Mandy Stubbs would involve starting at the museum, wandering around the shops and then coffee at the cafe.

Dorset Echo:

Weymouth Museum at Brewers Quay

Other favourite shops were the chocolate shop, the candle shop, the deli and Pauline’s Patchwork Shop.

Dorset Echo:

A fibreglass horse from Brewers Quay that was auctioned by Dukes

Real ale lovers enjoyed Brewers Quay when the West Dorset Beer CAMRA Festival was held there.

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Joanne Adams said: “I loved having a wander round all of the little shops, especially leading up to Christmas, adored the candle shop and the sweetie shop."

Dorset Echo:

Brewers Quay reopens in 2013 - Anna Ledsham in her shop area

The brewery building is currently earmarked for housing.