Tennis fans may be enjoying seeing some of the biggest stars of the game play in the Australian Open right now, but professional tennis could once be seen much closer to home.

The top ranked players in the world once played at Radipole Park and Gardens in Weymouth as these pictures show.

These superstars of the day would come and give exhibition matches to show off their skills.

The lawns look immaculate and there is a sizeable crowd of onlookers sat in foldable chairs around the court.

The first is of Donald Budge, Dinny Pails, F. Segura and Pancho Gonzales (winners of the 1952 World Professional Men's Championship) playing a doubles match on the tournament court in Radipole Gardens!

American tennis star Don Budge was - and still is - the only American male to win the four tournaments that comprise the Grand Slam of tennis in a single year.

Pancho Gonzales was another famous name who won at least 113 titles in his career in a span of 25 years. He was involved in the longest match at Wimbledon when it went professional

Our second photo shows Jack Kramer, world tennis champion and Dinny Pails, champion of Australia playing a singles match on the tournament court in Radipole Gardens. Jack Kramer was one of the most important people in the establishment of modern men's 'Open' -era tennis - he was the leading promoter of professional tennis tours in the 1950s and 1960s and well respected as a commentator.

Thanks to Sue Hogben of Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens for sharing these pictures