Here's another photo of the area taken in bygone days for you to guess the location of.

This picture, courtesy of the Andy Hutchings collection, dates back to 1911.

You can see a church in the background which was built in 1874 and posters in the background advertising excursions to Killarney and London and Milledge's auction on Portland.

The church you can see was closed in 1939, served as a restaurant during the war and was demolished in 1956.

A street name on the building on the right has been removed by our digital wizards to make this guessing game more challenging.

If you guessed that this church was Christ Church and that the street this picture was taken in was Park Street in Weymouth, then well done! You do know the area well.

Here's the picture without the street sign 'Clifton Place' removed.

Dorset Echo:

And here, most interestingly, is the same view of Park Street today - minus the demolished church in the background.

Dorset Echo:

Here's another image of Park Street from bygone days. It shows Roy and Ciss Pearcey outside their greengrocer's store in the street.

Dorset Echo:

The pair opened the store when they got married - back then eggs cost a shilling and sixpence for a dozen.

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