Did you know that one of Hollywood's biggest stars once graced a Weymouth harbourside inn?

Action star Nicolas Cage dropped into the Ship Inn at Weymouth harbour for a late lunch back in December 2015.

And the verdict was that Nic - star of Con Air and Face/Off - is one of the friendliest stars around.

He posed for pictures with fans and told them of his plans for the day.

Dorset Echo: Keith Rupp, owner of Sharkey's, heard rumours of the star's visit and managed to track him down.

Cage posed for a photo alongside Keith and other members of Sharkey’s staff including Emily Elliott, Emily Andrews and Lisa Knight.

Keith said: "We heard he was in The Ship Inn having lunch. He was parked outside our place.

"He had a few words with us."

Keith added: "I asked him why he was in Weymouth. He said he wanted to check out some of the nice food in Weymouth and catch the surf.

"He seemed all right. He was very friendly. People were taking photographs with him."

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to the south west having previously bought a house in Baltonsborough, near Glastonbury. He also used to live in Bath, where he turned on the city's Christmas lights in 2009.