There isn't a wet suit in sight in this picture of the Women's Christmas Day Harbour Swim from 1987.

These brave swimmers plunged into the icy depths of Weymouth Harbour wearing just a swimming costume.

One swimmer even has the unusual technique of holding her nose as she entered the water!

For those who don't know, Weymouth has a proud tradition every year of swimmers making their way across the harbour on December 25 to raise money for charities.

And as you can see from this photo, the event always attracts a substantial crowd who are keen to see the plucky participants.

We asked some members of our Facebook nostalgia group, which you can join here, if they knew anything about this photo.

We discovered that it features Miranda Hackett, nee Topp, on the far side. Diving into the harbour are to swimmers from Portland Dolphins, and one from the Thornlow Tornadoes.

Martin Hackett tells us: "The person holding their nose is not a competitive swimmer!"

Becky Blake remembers: "I was in the Tornadoes then. I was never brave enough to do the Christmas swim though!"

Lilian Cameron recalls: "In my youth it was done near the end of the Pleasure Pier, where we had the swimming club. I never did it, but my good friend Bill Gage did! That was in the late 50s/early 60s."