Here's another old image of the area for you to try and guess the location of.

More than likely you will recognise the name Chesil Beach Motors but here it's in a different location than where you're familiar with.

And as you may be able to tell by the cars pictured here, this photo was taken in 1976.

It was taken three years before much of this area was underwater during the great storm of February 1979.

If you guessed that this picture is of Victoria Square, Portland then congratulations! You do know the area well.

Here's how the same view looks today.

Dorset Echo:

In the great storm of February 1979, Portland Naval Base, causeway and Victoria Square were left under water after 60ft waves crashed over the Chesil Bank, flooding houses and throwing parked cars into crumpled piles.

A civilian worked at the naval base at the time recalls: “The road was closed, obviously, and I couldn’t get to work. It was the best excuse ever.

“The flood was amazing. All the cars at Chesil Beach Motors were damaged and others were thrown around like Dinky toys and piled up against houses. The strength of the sea was incredible, you don’t realise how powerful it is until something like that happens.”

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