Here's another old photo for you to guess the location of.

These beautiful gardens were laid out in 1904 and provided a focal point for the community they're in.

You can see a mother and a child enjoying with hats on by a bench enjoying the beautiful weather.

Also noticeable in this old photo, which comes from the Andy Hutchings Collection, is a clock tower and bandstand.

The bandstand, upon which band concerts were given for 60 years, was removed in 1965 due to lack of maintenance.

Before the gardens were created in the first years of the 20th century this area was a bleak weed covered expanse with a water pump which supplied water as seen below. The water supply was set up in 1775 and the well was 100 feet (30 metres) deep.

There was a large pond which was stagnant and there were fears of the nearby well being polluted.

If you guessed that this old picture is of Easton Gardens in Portland, then well done! You do know the area well.

Here's a modern photo of how Easton Gardens looks today and below it is the original photo before we removed the lettering revealing the location!

Dorset Echo:

Dorset Echo:

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Thanks as ever to the Andy Hutchings Collection for use of the photo and to Geoff Kirby's Portland website for extra information on the history of the gardens.