It wasn't so long ago that one of Hollywood's biggest stars visited Dorset for filming twice - and completely avoided the attention of fans!

Back in November 2012 Brad Pitt filmed a scene from his zombie movie World War Z at Lulworth Cove. 

Less than a year later in September 2013 the A-lister visited the Tank Museum at Bovington to prepare for his Second World War movie Fury.

On each occasion Pitt was able to sneak into the county without causing a stir.

In windy and rainy conditions of a typical Dorset November day he made a special one day ‘Pitt-stop’ at Lulworth Cove to shoot a scene for World War Z.

Dorset Echo:

The heart-throb was dressed appropriately for downpours in a heavy parka coat.

Pitt spent a lot of the morning zooming about the bay in a boat and landing at Lulworth Beach.

The hunk then jumped from the boat and ran into the arms of actors, who played his family in the film.

In September 2013 Pitt spent a day at the Tank Museum, Bovington, in preparation for his £80million movie Fury.

Dorset Echo:

He was given instructions by a team of experts as they drove around a field.

The heart-throb was wearing a florescent jacket over a green jumpsuit and heavy duty gloves for his driving lessons around a field.