Did you know that this former public toilet block had a very different former life?

The listed building in Bond Street, Weymouth, used to be a bank!

It is no longer used as a public convenience and is due to be converted to single residential use.

The former Westminster Bank building dates from 1883 and is described as 'a very vigorous interpretation of French Renaissance with Flemish Renaissance details.'

Before the bank was built there was an old building on site containing a draper's shop, Musgraves.

In 1883 an architect called Henry John Paull designed the rather chateau-like building that now stands there, as a bank for Messrs Stuckey.

This later became the Westminster Bank before the Second World War and when the Westminster Bank and the National Provincial Bank amalgamated to form the National Westminster Bank, the Bond Street building was given up.

In 2011 Weymouth was accused of having the worst public toilets in England, with visitors citing these facilities in Bond Street as being in a particular state of disrepair.

The toilets were closed in October 2016.