Many people have happy memories of nights out at the Terra Cotta club in Weymouth.

It adjoined Weymouth Football Club when it was based at the Old Rec.

It was a club where no membership was required, serving national and local beers and hot meals were available.

Dorset Echo:

But to fit in well at the Terra Cotta you had to be willing to get on to the dancefloor!

In the 1970s you could get into the Terra Cotta Free House and dance 'each night to your favourite music' for 20p on Saturday and 10p from Monday to Thursday. Depending on your tastes you could catch Jim Berry at the Hammond console, the Billy Norman Duo or the Soundblenders.

Dorset Echo:

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It was also a popular place to go after match days - and many of the players would be seen in there.

Reader Zenia Shackleton remembers drinking Cherry B, Pony, Babycham, port and lemon and Cinzano in the club.

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Bill Nicholson came to town to open the Terra Cotta when it had been re-designed and extended Terra Cotta.

Dorset Echo:

Nicholson managed the famous Spurs side of 1961, which completed the first English football double of the century - FA Cup and First Division championship.

While his old club were winning their FA Cup semi-final replay against Wolves, Nicholson kept a promise to attend the opening made to Terras chairman Bill Bowering when Spurs played Weymouth!

Nicholson recalled that he once visited the Rec to view Weymouth's Graham Roberts, who was subsequently sold to Spurs for a record fee of £40,000.

In the early 1980s it's thought that a backing singer from Stealer's Wheel managed the club.

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Suzanne Hutton

What do you remember about the club?
My parents, John and Elsie Ratcliffe, were the first steward and stewardess of th club. Great place. I had my first job working behind the bar at 16. You had to queue for a drink on Sunday bingo night as so popular!