Here's another old photo from the Andy Hutchings Collection for you to guess the location of. 

It shows a long-gone post office, baker's shop and grocer's.

Times have changed a lot in this location - so much so that there is now an Indian restaurant where the grocer's was!

If you guessed that this picture was taken on Portland at the junction of High Street with Chiswell, then well done! You do know the area well.

It's believed that the picture was taken in the 1920s.

Chiswell Post Office acted as an agent for dye works. On the opposite side of the road was a baker's shop. Perhaps they sold the local delicacy of Portland dough cakes!

Cleall's the grocer is at the end of the row and has a sign advertising Fry's chocolate.

It was where the Indian restaurant Cafe India and now Balti Island is. 

Here's how the same scene looks in more recent times.

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