This old picture shows an ancient building that has changed little over the years.

Sandsfoot Castle in Weymouth was built in the reign of Henry VIII but its site suffered from erosion by the sea.

The land at the front of the castle was in the 1920s laid out as a tennis court prior to its acquisition by the council in 1929.

Three years later the area was laid out as the Tudor Gardens.

Dorset Echo:

This was a good vantage point to view the many shipping movements in Portland Harbour.

Dorset Echo:

People bathing with a view of Sandsfoot Castle in the distance

Here's how Sandsfoot Castle looks in more recent times.

Dorset Echo:

The historic landmark has been fenced off since January when workers discovered two vertical cracks had ‘widened on an internal wall’.

People were recently found to be breaking into the cordoned off castle to drink alcohol – in moves branded 'silly' and 'unsafe' by councillors.