A long-gone pub at the back of a Weymouth hotel makes a claim for being one of England's smallest pubs.

It was brought to our attention by Alvin Hopper who read our recent article on the Smiths Arms at Godmanstone.

Alvin said if this exceptionally small pub were still around, it would likely top the list of Smallest in England.

That particular pub is The Burdon Tap, which used to be in Victoria Street, Weymouth opposite the rear of the Burdon Hotel (now the Prince Regent) .

The Burdon Tap was built in the middle of Tilleys Motor Show rooms and motor works. The pub served the chauffeurs, grooms and Tilley’s workmen from that area.

The Burdon Tap was so called because it ‘belonged’ to the Burdon Hotel on the Esplanade at Victoria Terrace. It was a John Groves Brewery House.

Alvin tells us: "If a trio of drinkers could stand at the bar, they needed to be shoulder to shoulder. It was about the size of that of a riving Room. But long and narrow, rather than square.There was only a urinal next door to it, for a toilet."

Sadly The Burdon Tap was demolished along with Tilly's Garage and replaced by apartments known as Nightingales.

One reader's memory of this micro pub is as follows: "“The Burdon Tap was one of the smallest pubs I’d ever seen. I could never believe that such a tiny premises could actually be a bar and I could scarcely wait until I was old enough to step through the door and see what it looked like inside.

"I only went in once though - once was enough: facing the bar was a single bench attached to the wall; no table.

"The sullen barmaid didn’t get up from her stool to serve you, and on the counter was a glass case containing one sandwich and one meat pie, which I wasn’t tempted to order. That‘s gone, and not much missed.”

Alvin wonders if any readers remember the pub. We'd also love to hear from anyone who has any pictures of it! Call Jo Davis on 01305 830973 or email joanna.davis@dorsetecho.co.uk